Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners Using the WOW Method

As a small business owner, you will learn from this free marketing tips;

  1. How to use the WOW method to market your products and services?
  2. What is the process to narrow down your customers and focus on your ideal target market?
  3. How can you create a compelling offer and stand out from your competitors?
  4. How will your customers find you?
  5. Where is the best place to advertise your compelling offer?

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Simplify your Marketing with the WOW Method

With your Personal Marketing Trainer, Jesse Stoddard

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Show Transcript

Jesse Stoddard: 00:00

Hi, welcome back. It’s Jesse Stoddard again, with Stoddard Consulting and I am here to be your Personal Marketing Trainer. Yes, I did use to be in the fitness industry and I was a personal trainer for many years, actually, 18 years, owned a gym, and had a successful fitness boot camp franchise that went over multiple states and I turned a few businesses around using marketing principles, which is what set me apart. In fact, I remember at one point when I was at a gym, there were 12 personal trainer business cards on the table at the beginning of the year. And by the end, although some of the cards were still there collecting dust, there was only two of us that were actually surviving and thriving. And that was because we were the ones that were not just hustling, but doing the right things in marketing in order to attract the right customers for us.

Jesse Stoddard: 00:59

So today I’ve got a tip for you. This is going make marketing really easy. In fact, that’s my favorite thing to do. I even have a report called Marketing Made Easy. You should check it out, but this one is a marketing made REALLY EASY and it’s called the WOW acronym, the WOW principle. And WOW stands for, the W, stands for the WHO, the O is the OFFER, and the final W is WHERE. OK, so you’re going to love this if you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or you’ve got a growing business and you’re becoming overwhelmed with what to do next. Sometimes it’s easy to simplify it down to the WOW method. So it goes like this. The first thing you want to do is focus on the WHO?, meaning who is your ideal target market. Some experts call this the customer Avatar.

Jesse Stoddard: 02:01

Some will call this the, just THE MARKET in general. I like to call it my IDEAL TARGET MARKET. Now you can have multiple target markets and you can have multiple avatars that you create that represent your ideal customers, but there’s usually one ideal or one specific narrow niche or subculture that you’re focusing on. Now, the niche would be a, like chiropractors, doctors. That’s basically typically an occupation. A subculture would be like people that enjoy golfing or people that like dogs or cats, you know, these are subcultures. And so usually I want to focus on those things and it’s all about the WHO. I’ve got other reports on how to find and locate and identify your ideal target market and how to attract them to you as well. You might want to check those out, but for today that WHO is who you want to focus on.

Jesse Stoddard: 02:55

Now the O stands for the Offer. The reason why that is the second thing that you do is that if you know who you’re targeting and you have the right offer, pretty much everything else takes care of itself. There’s not much else you really have to do. In many cases, the offer, if the bait is good enough to the right target market, they’re going to want to buy it. The easiest example is if you’re in the desert in the middle of nowhere with no water and the sun is baking down on you and someone comes around and offers to sell you water, pretty much whatever price they ask for it, you’re going to give it to them, if it’s a matter of life and death. So that price elasticity happens because you’re the right target market, a thirsty person in the desert and the offer, “Hey, I’ve got water right here for you and all you have to do is pay me some money and I will give it to you right now without fighting you to the death for it” is a pretty good offer.

Jesse Stoddard: 03:44

Whatever the price is usually doesn’t matter at that point. There’s another lesson in there too, isn’t there? So that is the O, the Offer. Now, if you are looking around in your industry and you see everybody doing the same thing, that’s a sure sign that that will lead to average results. And if you do the same thing, you’ll probably fail. So if you want above average results, you have to have an above average offer. Something different that is out of the ordinary. If everybody gives a free consultation, perhaps you need to give a, “productize” it and turn it into something you can give people that’s physical in order to be different rather than just a free consultation. OK? Because everyone’s heard that there’s nothing special. It’s not a compelling offer. The final W stands for the WHERE? Now what that means is, is where you are going to place your offer to reach the Who. Now, WHERE is typically equated to a media. Media, meaning television, radio,  direct mail, the Internet.

Jesse Stoddard: 04:49

The SEO on your website and how that affects the Google, Google Business Pages,  social media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. etc. That’s just all media. And it’s important to be media agnostic. And what I mean by that is it really doesn’t matter if you have a belief about one media. For example, I have friends that don’t like Facebook, sorry, Facebook’s listening in right now. I have a lot of friends that hate it, don’t want to be on it. Well, what I tell them is “Fine don’t be on it, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run ads on it because everybody’s there.” A lot of people are there. Same thing with old-fashioned media. You may feel like, “Who looks at the Yellow Pages anymore?” Well, that’s not even media, is it? Yeah, it is. Actually. If it does die, it will die eventually perhaps.

Jesse Stoddard: 05:34

But it’s going to be a long time. Anybody who’s over 65 is still looking at it. So if your target market is a particular person that’s looking at the Yellow Pages, then why not try it? In fact, it’s probably cheaper now than it’s ever been. Same thing with direct mail. There’s less clutter in your, in mailboxes because everybody went online and fewer people are sending mail. So you have less competition and maybe the price is right for you. It depends, depends on your target market. Remember? So again, it’s the WHO first. The second thing is the OFFER. The right offer to the right person is more than half the battle. And then the last thing is the WHERE?. Where do you place that advertisement? Where do you place that offer? Ok. Another way to look at that is to is to talk about the marketing triangle, which I’ve mentioned in some of my other reports and videos.

Jesse Stoddard: 06:25

We’ve got the message, we’ve got the market, and we’ve got the media now. It’s the same thing as the who, which is the market, the message, which is the offer and the media, which is the where. the WOW method, so you want to WOW your customers and your target market and to generate more leads. You want to give them a WOW experience, well focus on who they are, and what they really want, and what’s the things they’re interested in, the things they’re attracted to. What magazines do they read? What TV shows do they watch? You need to know everything about that. That who, then the offer, that offer us to be very compelling. We call it a mafia offer. It’s an offer you can’t refuse and so you give them that, that ideal target market and an offer that they are just going to be delighted in and that make it really easy for them to say yes to it. And then where, where are your target market? If they’re on Facebook, advertise on Facebook, if they are in a periodical, advertise there, if they are all frequenting the same club, go visit the club and do a talk or leave a flyer. So it really depends. People say, well, what’s the best place to advertise? It depends. Depends on where you need to be to reach your who with the right offer. So that’s that. Remember the WOW and WOW your customers and WOW your marketing, WOW your results, I’ll see you next time.

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