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If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, build your brand, and get yourself fiscally fit, then you are in the right place. Get ready to flex your marketing muscles and learn how to make sure every dollar spent on marketing fattens your bottom line. Welcome to the Marketing Strategies Show with Your Personal Marketing Trainer, Jesse Stoddard. He can’t do the push-ups for you, but he can help you stay accountable to your marketing goals. If you enjoy this show, please subscribe, rate, and review… and let others know that you loved the show so that they can love it too.

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About The Host

Jesse Stoddard is a Chief Marketing Officer specializing in marketing strategy and customized marketing plans to maximize advertising and social media ROI.

Jesse is a Chief Marketing Officer, marketing consultant, direct-response copywriter, and business coach. Jesse is the founder of the Stoddard Agency, the only true full-service small business marketing agency with a guarantee. He also runs Stoddard Consulting, a marketing strategy consulting firm, where his mission is to help entrepreneurs grow businesses rapidly with complete marketing plans and systems.

He started his business life as a fitness professional, with over sixteen years of experience as a gym owner, personal trainer, and consultant to other fitness pros all over the world. He wrote two books in the fitness industry, including Free Gym Memberships, and How To Build Your Own Fitness Boot Camp, hosts a very popular industry podcast The Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle and was featured in CNN Money Edition. Later he helped a 13.8 Million dollar service-based business grow at a startling rate of 40%, and now provides marketing strategy consulting and services for a diverse range of clients from law firms to moving companies to financial services firms.